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A Better World A Better World - 2016

1. Hope In the Human Heart
2. Bethlehem
3. Once In A Lifetime
4. The Open Door
5. Heart And Soul
6. Chain Of Command
7. Confession
8. Homeland
9. Cry No More
10. Shipboard Romance
11. Falling Rain
12. All For Love
13. Hold On (I'm On My Way)
14. The Land Of The Free
15. The Soldier

    Price: £ 9.99


The Hands Of Man The Hands Of Man - 2014

1. The Hands of Man
2. There Goes My Heart Again
3. Big City Sundays
4. Where Would I Be?
5. The Ghost of Old King Richard
6. The Candlestick
7. Through These Eyes
8. The Keeper of the Keys
9. Meridiem
10. Letting Go
11. When the Dream Is Over
12. Empty Rooms
13. The Bridge
14. The Fields of Agincourt
15. One More Goodbye

    Price: £ 8.99


Home Home

1. Waiting For The Hurricane
2. Tender Hands
3. Fatal Hesitation
4. Love & Time
5. Sailor
6. Living On The Island
7. Its Such A Long Way Home
8. Where We Will Be Going
9. Forevermore
10. Fire On The Water
11. Suddenly Love
12. I Will
13. I'm Not Scared Anymore
14. Goodnight

    Price: £ 7.00


Footsteps Live DVD Footsteps - Live In Concert - DVD

Filmed during his sell-out 2009 world tour, 'Footsteps - Live In Concert' captures Chris, his band and his audience combining to create a memorable and vibrant performance. Shot at concerts in Europe and in South Africa, footage opens with the show's atmospherically-lit and sound-tracked "Intro" and features an 18-song set, with material taken from Chris's extensive back catalogue of hits, including the seminal ballad "Lady In Red", and also performances of songs from his latest internationally successful album 'Footsteps', a hand-picked selection by Chris of songs which have influenced his own career and writing. Additionally, the package features 30 minutes of 'behind the scenes' on tour bonus footage.
1. Intro
2. Last Night
3. Sailing Away
4. Turn, Turn, Turn
5. Oh My Brave Hearts
6. Without You
7. The Mirror Of The Soul
8. Leather On My Shoes
9. Love Of The Heart Divine
10. Borderline
11. Transmission Ends
12. The Lady In Red
13. Africa
14. Making The Perfect Man
15. Say Goodbye To It All
16. Don't Pay The Ferryman
17. High On Emotion
18. The Snows Of New York
19. Footsteps
Bonus Features
21. Meet The Band
22. Back Stage
23. South Africa
24, Down The Mine
25. The Making Of - Lights, Cameras, Action
26. The Making Of - Rehearsals
27. The Making Of - The Set Up


Footsteps - Live In Concert - DVD - NTSC Version
(For systems in Canada, the USA and S. America)

    Price: £ 15.00

Footsteps - Live In Concert - DVD - PAL Version
(For systems in Europe and regions 2, 3, 4 and 5 ONLY)

    Price: £ 15.00

Footsteps 2 Footsteps 2

1. While You See A Chance
2. Let It Be
3. The Living Years
4. Blue Bayou
5. SOS
6. Seven Bridges
7. Lady Madonna
8. Time In A Bottle
9. Already There
10. In The Ghetto
11. Long Train Running
12. On A Christmas Night
13. Every Step Of The Way
14. Footsteps 2 Theme

    Price: £ 8.99

Moonfleet and other stories Moonfleet and other stories

1. The Moonfleet Overture
2. "The village of Moonfleet..." (Narration)
3. The Light On The Bay
4. Have A Care
5. "For two days and nights..." (Narration)
6. Go Where Your Heart Believes
7. The Escape
8. "And so it was..." (Narration)
9. The Days Of Our Age
10. The Secret Of The Locket
11. "With heavy heart..." (Narration)
12. My Heart's Surrender
13. Treasure And Betrayal
14. Moonfleet Bay
15. The Storm
16. Greater Love
17. "In the years that followed..." (Narration)
18. The Moonfleet Finale

    Price: £ 7.99

19. Everywhere I Go
20. The Nightingale
21. One Life, One Love
22. Why Mona Lisa Smiled
23. Pure Joy
24. People Of The World

Moonfleet Special Book Edition Moonfleet & Other Stories (Special Book Edition)

A unique package presenting the CD, in a fold-out wallet, with J. Meade Falkner's classic Moonfleet novel (English text).

    Price: £ 18.00


Footsteps Special Edition Footsteps - Special Edition

1. First Steps
2. Turn, Turn, Turn
3. The Long And Winding Road
4. Africa
5. Without You
6. Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
7. Sealed With A Kiss
8. Blackbird
9. We Can Work It Out
10. All Along The Watchtower
11. Corrina Corrina
12. Rhythm of The Rain/Crying In The Rain
13. Polly Von
14. American Pie
15. The Last Thing On My Mind
16. The Bells Of Christmas
17. We'll Never Walk Alone
18. Footsteps

Footsteps Footsteps

1. First Steps
2. Turn, Turn, Turn
3. The Long And Winding Road
4. Africa
5. Without You
6. Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
7. Sealed With A Kiss
8. Blackbird
9. We Can Work It Out
10. All Along The Watchtower
11. Corrina Corrina
12. Polly Von
13. American Pie
14. The Last Thing On My Mind
15. Footsteps
    Price: £ 7.49


You'll Never Walk Alone - CD Single You'll Never Walk Alone - CD Single

Chris's December 2009 Single

    Price: £ 1.50

Much More Than This Much More Than This

‘Much More Than This’ is a comprehensive, multi-track career-spanning anthology.
Spread over four CDs, it includes hit singles, album tracks, a disc of rare and previously unreleased material - and bonus surprises.
CD 1: Visions
1.I'm Counting On You
2.In A Country Churchyard
3.Just Another Poor Boy
4.The Traveller
5.A Spaceman Came Travelling
6.The Risen Lord
7.Up Here In Heaven
8.Saint Peter's Gate 9.Brother John
10.The Snows Of New York
11.Spanish Train
12.This Song For You
13.The Revolution
14.Light A Fire
16.Say Goodbye To It All
17.Transmission Ends

CD 2: High On Emotion
1.Patricia The Stripper
2.Last Night
3.Ship To Shore
4.Man On The Line
5.I'm Going Home
6.Save Me
7.The Getaway
8.The Ecstasy Of Flight (I Love The Night)
9.The Spirit Of Man
10.Eastern Wind
11.Don't Pay The Ferryman
12.High On Emotion
13.One Word (Straight To The Heart)
14.This Weight On Me
15.Bal Masque
16.This Silent World
17.Making The Perfect Man
CD 3: The Head And The Heart
1.Lonely Sky
2.The Girl With April In Her Eyes
3.Turning Round
4.I'm Not Scared Anymore
5.Lebanese Night
6.Sailing Away
7.Where We Will Be Going
8.Fire On The Water
9.The Lady In Red
10.Missing You
11.Much More Than This
12.Love Is My Decision (Theme from 'Arthur 2 - On The Rocks')
13.She Means Everything To Me
15.Satin Green Shutters
16.The Tower
17.Where Peaceful Waters Flow

CD 4: (rare and unreleased)
1.I'm Not Scared Anymore (Demo)
2.Just Missing You (Demo)
3.Heaven's A Long Way From Here (Demo)
4.The Spirit Of Man (Barney's Wild Mix)
5.I'm Going Home (Out-Take)
6.In A Country Churchyard (Alternate Take)
7.Lonely Sky (Alternate Take)
8.Because I Love You (Demo)
9.Coutning On You (Demo)
10.Girl With April Eyes (Alternate Take)
11.Bring The Boy Back (Demo)
12.Spanish Train (Out-Take)
13.Nights In White Satin
14.Yesterday (Live)
15.American Pie (Live)
16.Hey Jude (Live)
17.Pretty Woman (Live)
18.Ticket To Ride (Live)
    Price: £ 17.00


The Road To Freedom CD The Road To Freedom CD

1. When Winter Comes
2. The Road To Freedom
3. Snow Is Falling
4. The Words "I Love You"
5. Songbird
6. Five Past Dreams
7. Here For You
8. What You Mean To Me
9. Rose Of England
10. The Journey
11. Read My Name
    Price: £ 6.49


Neil Taylor - 'No Self Control' Neil Taylor - 'No Self Control'

Neil Taylor's solo album.

    Price: £ 10.00


Al Vosper - 'You Don't Know Me' Al Vosper - 'You Don't Know Me'

Al Vosper, long-time guitarist for Chris, has released his debut solo album.

    Price: £ 6.49